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Born: 1916 in Bardstown, Kentucky

In 1920, He Moved to Louisville 

Joe Hammond opened Joe’s Palm Room in Louisville, Kentucky In 1954. This jazz bar grew to be one of the top communal hubs in the United States. Renowned musicians would repeatedly pass through to jam; locals obtained gainful devoted employment; and a colorful community from all walks of life convened. These relationships inspired a thriving life in Louisville and Joe was at the center. He was involved in everything that improved people’s lives from the inner workings of the municipal water company, to the neighborhood corner cleaners, and running the governor’s campaigns by registering people to vote. While doing so, he was a man of integrity, honesty, humility and generosity. A true gentleman until the end.


The Joe Hammond organization was created to honor his achievements, revive his “style,” and successfully bridge the gaps in the urban revitalization project of Louisville, Kentucky.


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Joe is the handsome chap second from left. Typical to his nature, he is surrounding himself with loving folk.

The Man
The Mission


OUR MISSION: Joe Hammond was a special and rare individual who lived by a set of guiding principles. He was a master service man and a classic gentleman with a no nonsense business approach. We are dedicated to reviving Joe’s legacy, his style and his spirit in efforts to bridge the gap between today’s black community and the diminished values of the past. By resurrecting the many legendary Joe Hammond stories, our mission is to aggregate Joe's leadership principles into a platform that helps rebuild lost connections; reestablish a strong sense of pride; and plays a role in revitalization efforts in the urban community. Enjoy the colorful stories and become a member of the team by donating now.



Marjorie Mimmes

Worked for Joe Hammond for 30 years

Joe was a generous man. He used to always use the peace sign. I didn’t make it to his funeral, but the last time I saw him he used the peace sign. He left all his money to St. Augustine, from what I understand...


Joe was powerful, cause everybody liked Joe. He had gray eyes. He was beautiful. I liked him as a person. Joe paid you good! People would tip Joe all kind of money. He would leave it for Jackie Calherd to share with bartenders. Joe was also a gentleman until the end. I’d get off about 4am, and I lived in the 550s on Chestnut, and Joe would take me home. And Joe would get out open the door for me, then watch me go upstairs, cause I lived on the third floor. He was a gentleman, but he was a flirt too (haha). Joe would kiss you on New Year’s Eve. He would go around and give everyone a kiss. And he kissed so good, I went back and kissed him again. His breath was fresh as a daisy. That’s a true story. I wouldn’t shit you Sherlock.  read more...

The Stories


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We are grateful to have connected with those who cherish Joe and were willing to lend us the imagery for the purpose of keeping Joe's legacy alive.

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