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The Joe Hammond Award honors the legacy of Joe Hammond, revered as the Godfather of the West End in Louisville, Kentucky. This award celebrates individuals who embody Joe's commitment to community, mentorship, and philanthropy. To ensure the award reflects Joe Hammond's spirit and contributions, the following criteria have been established:




  1. Community Involvement: Nominees must demonstrate significant involvement in the West End community of Louisville, showcasing efforts to uplift and support local residents and businesses.

  2. Leadership: Candidates should exhibit strong leadership qualities, inspiring others through their actions and initiatives aimed at community development and improvement.

  3. Mentorship: Reflecting Joe Hammond’s dedication to guiding the next generation, nominees should have a proven track record of mentoring emerging leaders and entrepreneurs within the community.

  4. Philanthropy: Individuals must have a history of philanthropic activities, contributing time, resources, or expertise to various community projects and organizations.

  5. Partnerships: Nominees should have established or facilitated partnerships that promote community advancement and provide opportunities for others to succeed.


Selection Criteria

  1. Impact on the Community: Evaluation will consider the tangible and intangible impacts the nominee has made on the West End community, including economic development, social cohesion, and cultural enrichment.

  2. Sustainability of Efforts: The lasting nature of the nominee’s contributions, including ongoing projects or initiatives that continue to benefit the community.

  3. Innovation and Initiative: Recognition of creative and proactive approaches taken by the nominee to address community challenges and create new opportunities.

  4. Alignment with Joe Hammond’s Legacy: Degree to which the nominee’s actions and ethos align with the values and principles exemplified by Joe Hammond, particularly in fostering an inclusive and supportive community environment.


Nomination Process

  1. Nomination Form: Complete the official nomination form, providing detailed information about the nominee’s qualifications, achievements, and contributions to the community.

  2. Supporting Documents: Submit supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, testimonials, evidence of projects, and any relevant media coverage.

  3. Review Panel: A panel of community leaders, including past award recipients and representatives from the Joe Hammond Committee, will review and evaluate all nominations.

  4. Selection Announcement: The recipient of the Joe Hammond Award will be announced at The S4S Gala on October 19, 2024, during an annual awards ceremony celebrating their dedication and contributions to the West End community.


The S4S Gala and Scholarship Fund

The Joe Hammond Award will be presented at The S4S Gala on October 19, 2024. This prestigious event not only recognizes outstanding community leaders but also raises funds to support further initiatives. A portion of the funds raised at the gala will go toward The Joseph and Albertine Hammond Scholarship Fund at Bellarmine University. This scholarship continues Joe Hammond’s legacy by supporting minority students in their pursuit of higher education, empowering the next generation of leaders with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.


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